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The Exponential Festival will return for its 10th season in 2025. 


We are accepting applications from performing artists and theatre-makers whose work pushes boundaries, crosses corners, and can be considered experimental, innovative, or just plain weird. We are looking for applicants who want to premiere new works, fundamentally reimagine original shows by remounting them, or otherwise radically reinterpret forms, processes, or practices. 

For Exponential 2025, we are prioritizing shows with small creative teams (1 - 5 people) to better adapt to the evolving live performance + pandemic environment. In 2025 we will present between 10 - 15 shows.

All performances will take place in January 2025, in Brooklyn venues and online on our YouTube channel. 


This application closes February 29 at 11:59pm EST.

We will consider: ​


  • Live shows and digital premieres made by NYC-based artists in alignment with our Statement of Values.

Here are the goodies you get by becoming an Exponential artist:​


  • A small stipend

    • In EF24 this was a base rate of $500 + $50 per public performance.

  • A box-office split agreement at all venues.

    • In EF24 we gave 100% box-office income to artists at Target Margin Theater.

  • Free rehearsal hours

    • In EF24 we gave 15 free hours at Brick Aux per production.

  • A venue manager to help liaise between the show and the venue, to coordinate a site visit, and run communication between the artist and the venue as the production evolves.

  • Publicity of the show at major New York news outlets leading up to the festival.

  • Free videography.

  • Free photography.

  • MFTA access, scheduled by appointment.

  • Access to contingency funds.

  • Free technicians at select venues.

  • Volunteer accident and general liability insurance on union productions.

  • A grant-writing workshop.

  • An unlimited amount of phone calls, texts, and emails consulting on producing questions.

Send us your ideas for SHOWS! Luv to the Nth.

* Photo of Tristan Allen's Tin Iso and the Dawn by Jose Miranda.

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