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In the Depths of LAVA - An Ode to Richard Foreman

Scott Davis

at The Glove

Jan 16-18 @ 8pm

Tickets available at the door

In the depths of LAVA: an ode to Richard Foreman


Directed by Scott F Davis

Movement Directed by Carlo Villanueva

Designed by Tanner Simpson (Lighting/Sound) , Yamila Chiappe (Scenic) and John Erickson (Video)

Assistant Directed by Avery Stray




Keith Boratko

Amber Jaunai

Alec Funiciello

Polina Ionina


In the depths of LAVA is a reconstruction of Foreman’s meditation piece, LAVA. This reconstruction sets the piece in 1953 where the CIA administered LSD as part of Project MkUltra. The piece takes an inside look at these experiments and how they reshaped the identity of 3 human subjects.

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