Very Bauhaus

Jan 4 @ 8pm

Dirty Laundry

Jan 15 @ 8pm

Something Rotten

Jan 15 @ 8pm

The Spooky Classroom for Experimental Ethics

Jan 15 & 23 @ 8pm

In the Depths of LAVA - An Ode to Richard Foreman

Jan 16-18 @ 8pm


Spilled Horizon Water Deeply

Jan 23 @ 8pm

2 Girls, 1 Hotdog

Jan 24, 25 @ 8pm

He Hurt Himself in His Confusion

Jan 25 @ 8pm

Exponential Variety

January 22 @ 8pm


Members of The Bohemian Grove present a new space: The Glove. The Glove is an experimental venue, theater, gallery, and multimedia studio space. 

Located in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

For more info on The Glove, visit The Glove Facebook Page

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Art by Mark Toneff.

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