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Dandy Be Good

Jan 17-20, 24-27 @ 8pm

Ike's Wonderful World of Leisure

Jan 12-13 @ 8pm


Jan 5-6 @ 8pm


Vital Joint is a venue in Brooklyn, NY created and curated by Title:Point that presents a dynamic range of intimate events geared toward the theatrical, scientific, cinematic, musical, and comedic.

Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

109 Meserole St.

Brooklyn, NY 11206


Subway Directions:

L train to Montrose

Walk west on Montrose

Turn north on Manhattan Ave

NW corner of Manhattan and Meserole

G Train to Broadway

Walk north on Union

Turn east on Meserole

NW corner of Manhattan and Meserole

For more info on Vital Joint, visit the Vital Joint Facebook Page

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