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extent of explosive lament

Lorene Bouboushian

January 11 at 8pm

January 15 at 4pm

January 18 at 8pm

Part of FEATURING... at The Brick

$10 at the door


January 26, 27 at 7:30

Part of Chez Bushwick's Artist In Residence Program

$12 in advance


Performances at CPR


A somatic process of extricating my cultural conditioning and experience through voice, movement, and being-in-extremis. I confront my whiteness and my Armenian/Lebanese heritage, working class background and elite college education, kale salads and food stamps. I activate my body as an ever-liminal, ever-contentious site: I am the crier of doom and the insulated princess.  


I’m putting my post-colonial, transnational, low-fat whiteness on sale.

Everything is thrown into relief, via a praxis that collaborates with the entire performance situation, sliding between our meta-political selves.

I seek a destabilizing exhumation of my power, my trauma.


Lorene Bouboushian is a performance artist and educator originally from rural Texas, who utilizes "self-exposure and vulnerability in real, risky ways" [CultureBot, 2011] and produces “thought-provoking commentary on social limits” [Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2016].



DESIRE/REVILE: a performance workshop with Lorene Bouboushian


photo by farrington llewellyn

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