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Zurciendo Retazos

Salomé Egas

January 19 @ 8:30pm

via The Exponential YouTube Page

on a split bill with Amanda Hunt/IV Castellanos’ ConduitPsychic Wormhole’s RECKONING 

Zurciendo Retazos (Darning pieces) is an experimental film piece that was born from my quarantine experiments of dying fabric with natural colorants I found in my kitchen. 


Created and Performed by Salomé Egas

Filmatographer/editor: Julia Sharpe-Levine

As I saw the fabric absorb the dye, I realized that a little variation in heat, amount of dye, mordant type, sunlight, and even drying times can completely alter the final coloration of a piece. I realized then, that just as these pieces of fabric, humans, we have this incredible ability to constantly adapt to different mediums and transform depending on the environment we are being immersed into.


As a metaphor to the different life experiences that have shaped me into a survivor and a thriver (even when exposed to the worst conditions),  this piece documents how I dye all these “retazos” and eventually I darn them together into a human-sized mask. This mask is a beautiful combination of all the little pieces of my life, each reacting to its particular environment, but coming together to arm me of valuable knowledge to keep me safe and moving through new life conditions.

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