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Artificial (Man) Intelligence
Joe Hendel

on The Exponential Festival YouTube Page

January 18 @ 8pm ET

Artificial (Man) Intelligence is an AI collage of internet masculinity, using text and images created with artificial neural networks. 2-dimensional males in a 2-dimensional dimension parade their mangled, subreddit-seeded random thoughts over cheesy MIDI-synth arrangements of music from the pre-posthuman era. It’s a menagerie of cyborg males living in the uncanny valley, exposing their cut up, hybrid psychologies to the world in order to gain a sense of control over their cybernetically-deterritorialized destinies. 

Text, Direction, Editing, and Sound by Joseph Hendel and Computers

Featuring Christian Aguilar, Adrian Chan, Will Clark, Katerina Gribkoff Joe Hendel,

Brian Reager, Thomas Shane, Jeffery Sims, Richard Urquiza, and Lee Vignes

Created by Joseph Hendel with a cast of performers scattered throughout the world, this digital art piece takes inspiration from puppet theater, oratorio, stopmotion animation, and gonzo journalism. Its theoretical roots come from digital posthumanism, masculinity studies, psychoanalytic theory, and cyborg feminism.  

Image Credits: Joseph Hendel and AI with code from @advadnoun

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