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Darian Dauchan

Black Sheep re-imagines the “black experience” through the perspective of a host of characters from cops, to drag queens, to Afro-punk teenagers as they battle the “community” they supposedly come from while fighting their own isolation in search of an identity that lives outside the box of tribalism. Both humorous and thought provoking, Black Sheep invites the audience to expand their perception by glimpsing into the lives of the minorities amongst the minorities. A theatrical exploration on those who despite their skin don’t fit in with their own kin.


Written and Performed by Darian Dauchan. Directed by Nicole A. Watson.

Assistant Directed by Chelsea Harrison


"Genius...stellar portrayals guaranteed to shatter any preconceived notions we entered the theater with." 

-Tompkins Weekly 


"Kinetic, insightful, moving and hilarious"

-Bitter Lemon's Los Angeles 


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Friday, 1/15/16 @ 8 pm

Sunday, 1/17/16 @ 4 pm




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