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Emily Wexler

January 13th at 7:30pm

Online Pre-Sale: $12

At the door: $15

Performance at CPR


Choreographed by Emily Wexler

Performed by Ernie Hughes, Courtney Cooke, Leslie Cuyjet, Mary Read, Nora Stephens and Emily Wexler

Light Construction by Joe Diamond

More information about Emily Wexler at

In Blood Trees​, six dancers perform inside a compositional structure that constantly dismantles itself. The work considers the consumption of women's bodies by the public, while the women use their physical efforts, as a way to aggressively resist its theft. Beginning with an illusion where what is heard is not seen, the dancers move through shifting elements of visibility, both evidently through darkness and light, and less obviously by choreographic decisions and allowances from within. As the work continues, the bottom falls out, the space opens, and we witness as the performers come upon the haunting realization of their own inescapable dispossession.

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