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Bailey Williams, Derek Smith and Alex Rodabaugh

at The Parlour


Jan 18 @ 7pm

Jan 19 @ 9:30pm

Jan 20 @ 7pm

Jan 21 @ 2pm

Jan 23-25 @ 8pm

Jan 26 @ 10pm

Jan 27@ 9pm


Buffalo Bailey’s Ranch for Gay Horses, Troubled Teen Girls and Other is offering an incredible one-time-only deal right here, right now. Sure, your subprime mortgage rate may be ballooning and America is surely sinking back into the sea, but what better time to buy a vacation home for your family and friends? There’s no place like Buffalo Bailey’s, where you can watch horsedrag all night at the discobarn, relax in the jacuzzi (coming Fall 2007!), or sort beans over yonder by the pig pit. You must stay for the duration of the timeshare presentation in order to receive your gift basket. 90 minutes. Tick tock.

created by Bailey Williams, Derek Smith and Alex Rodabaugh

With: Bailey Williams, Derek Smith, Alex Rodabaugh, Andy Kuncl & Jack Raymond

90 minutes



Bailey Williams is a playwright, producer, performer, and aspiring evil capitalist entrepreneur. She lives in Brooklyn, unfortunately.


Derek Smith is an openly gay horse performer with an administrative day job, from California, which is currently sinking lower and lower into the ground because we are killing Mother Earth and soon there will be no water left to drink at all! Select: On the Rocks’ Edelweiss, FRED, White Stag Quadrilogy and WOLFERT, Harunalee's War Lesbian (Dixon Place), Dan Fishback’s Rubble, Rubble (Joe’s Pub, upcoming), R*NT (University Settlement), Oedipus Rex XX/XY (La Mama). Solo stuff: LEE BULIAY. Performs in bars, sometimes as his mom. He hosts a monthly cabaret variety show with Jack Raymond called A LITTLE DEATH. He is honored to hold the position of Assistant Program Manager of Non-Teen Girl Activities at Buffalo Bailey’s Ranch for Gay Horses, Troubled Teen Girls & Other.


Alex Rodabaugh is a dancer, choreographer, performer, perpetual ingénue and burgeoning actress. He has worked with artists such as Chris Tyler, Sigrid Lauren, Ishmael Houston-Jones and Miguel Gutierrez. He has shown work at Center for Performance Research, The Ho_se, Total Rejects Live, Glasshouse, Movement Research at Judson Church, Draftworks at Danspace, PRELUDE, Gibney Dance Center, Mount Tremper Arts and American Realness. He is the recipient of Gibney's 2015 boo-koo grant, 2015 DanceWEB scholarship and is a co-host on the Talking Movement podcast.  His work can be found at He is sad to leave the ranch in search of US fiat currency alongside horsewoman Buffalo Bailey Williams.


Andy Kuncl is a musician, singer, songwriter, composer, and dj who loves to dance.


Jack Raymond is so happy to be back on the ranch! NY Theater: Corporate Double Team (Ars Nova), Heaven Can Wait (York Theater Company)  Regional: Spring Awakening (theater world award), Sound of Music, BARE, Rocky Horror Picture Show. You can see Jack at his monthly cabaret show “A Little Death" co-hosted with Derek Smith. Follow him on Twitter if you want to laugh: @jackraymond. Lots of love to Buffalo. 

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