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Case Studies: A New Kinsey Report
Dmitri Barcomi

at Life World

January 6-7 @ 7:30pm

January 8 @ 2pm

* Doors open 30 minutes prior to curtain time.

Case Studies: A New Kinsey Report takes the legendary Kinsey Report on sexual behavior and brings it to life as audience-generated data mediated through onstage movement. Kinsey’s research on human sexual behavior quickly became a bestseller, ennobling Kinsey as one of the “fathers of the sexual revolution”-- but does scientific inquiry of the 1950s meet the needs of contemporary queerness?

Written by Justin Halle

Directed by Dmitri Barcomi 

Dramaturgy by Dylan Alexander Gurrera 

Starring Nancy Nogood 

Part drag show, part TED talk, part truth-or-dare; our scientific host, Nancy Nogood, drags past research into contemporary culture. Through salacious anonymous surveys, genre-defying lectures and lip syncs, and audience participation; Case Studies straddles the boundaries between the scientific and the sexual.


n.b. This performance is best enjoyed with a smartphone that can access the internet.

COVID-19 Policy:

All attendees and artists of the in-person performance will be required to display proof of full COVID vaccination before being admitted to the space, either by showing a vaccination record (vaccination card) at least two weeks out from the final dose of an approved vaccine, or by using New York's free Excelsior Pass service.

Patrons will also be required to wear masks while indoors at all times.