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Savannah Reich and Alex Tobey

at Patch Works

January 8-11 @ 8pm

January 11 @ 3pm

Rocky and Dandelion are the first Cave-people to adopt agriculture. Douglas is the first domesticated animal. Together, they have prepared a presentation for you, the other Cave-people, to tell you all about the joys of agriculture. Agriculture is really great. You’re going to love it.

By Savannah Reich

Directed by Alex Tobey

With Remy Germinario, Mark Mauriello, Mallory Muratore, and Ben Pagano

A new play in which we are given an opportunity to go back to the moment when humanity had a choice. One path led us towards global warming, institutionalized racism, and snapchat filters. The other path led mostly to being eaten by tigers. Is it time to admit that we chose wrong?

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