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Creative dance for inner and outer healing

CJ Holm

January 22nd at 4pm

Workshop at The Brick

Facebook Event here


"Hard times require furious dancing." -Alice Walker


We are living in a time for action. On, Saturday January 21st, let's be in the streets together. And on Sunday January 22nd, let's come together to refresh our bodies to be ready for what's next.


No prior dance experience required, just listening skills and a willingness to try. Class is built around imagination prompts to access the wisdom of our bodies. Dancing makes us fluid and flexible, able to adapt to changing situations. Dancing is a collective activity, strengthening our bonds with each other and giving us practice being there for each other in the moment. Dancing changes us, and by changing ourselves, we change the world.


Let's dance together.


In lieu of payment for class, dancers are asked to donate to Picture the Homeless or the Oceti Sakowin camp.

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