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Museum: Lecture

James and Jerome

at The Brick

January 5-6 @ 8pm

January 7 @ 2pm

MUSEUM: Lecture

by James and Jerome.

Media Design by and Created with Shawn Duan

Directed by Rachel Chavkin and Annie Tippe

Developed through residencies with BRICLab at BRIC Arts Media and The Ground Floor at Berkeley Repertory Theatre

James and Jerome make hyper-literary live-music spectacles for the theater. With MUSEUM: Lecture, co-created with media designer Shawn Duan and co-directed by Rachel Chavkin and Annie Tippe, they turn their attention to visual art, calligraphy, and illuminated manuscripts, seeking to create a new kind of museum experience—one that is at all once an art lecture, a personal essay, and a live electronic music composition, meditated through with the audience.


The runtime is 70 minutes (ish).

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