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SOMEONEPLEASELISTENANDUNDERSTAND(they’re wiretapping our brains)

Brett Evan Solomon and Kelsey Lurie

at The Brick

January 24-28 @ 8pm

January 28 @ 2pm

Tickets ($20) may be purchased online or by calling 866-811- 4111.


Written by Brett Evan Solomon

Directed/Edited by Kelsey Lurie

Lighting Design by Christina Tang

Performers: Gabriel Vasquez, Kelsey Lurie, Brett Evan Solomon

with the recorded voices of:  

Marielle Young

Zachary Segel

Suri Jackson

Annie Unger

Ian Crutcher

Iliana Paris

Gabriel Vasquez

Kelsey Lurie

J Moliere

Chris Hampson

Pete Simpson

Julia Serna-Frest

and more

In an observation room deep beneath the Capital, a new surveillance program launches to discover threats to the American people. Secret agents hack phones, computers, sex cams, security feeds, and even minds in the name of homeland security. Functioning as a series of pre-recorded episodes as well as a live performance, agents switch between different streams spying on flagged citizens who are struggling with forming their identities amidst a sea of technological, governmental, and societal restrictions


Brett Evan Solomon is a theatre artist originally from Baltimore, MD. His work has been produced or developed through Nylon Fusion Theatre Company, The International Southampton Writers Conference, The Secret Theater, Dixon Place, Muchmore’s, Play Date at Pete’s, The Tank, The Drama League, Interrobang New Works Festival, The Brick, and The Exponential Festival. He has been a Writing and Research Assistant to playwright/director Young Jean Lee for the past two years. He has also assisted Target Margin Theatre, Ripe Time, New York City Players, Wirehead Collective, and A Collection of Shiny Objects. Graduate of the Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Purchase College with a B.A. in Theatre and Performance/Playwriting and Screenwriting.


Kelsey Lurie is a Brooklyn based actress and director from Vermont. Her work has been seen at The Brick, Barton Booths Make Room Residency, Dixon Place, The Exponential Festival, Interrobang New Works Festival, The Tank, Theaterlab and Vital Joint. Has studied with Theater Mitu and assisted Target Margin and Ripe Time. Graduate of the Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Purchase College with a B.A. in Theatre and Performance Studies.

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