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Lydia Mokdessi and Jason Bartell

at Honey's

January 8 and 9

Doors @ 8pm

Performance @ 8:30pm

Deconstructed memories and cinematic debris are conjured and pressurized into opulent loops and choreography that trouble the relationship of the body to identity, spectatorship, objectification, service, submission, and control, attempting to de-fetishize the artistic “hand” and locate a shared intuition.

Created and Performed by Lydia Mokdessi and Jason Bartell

Vocalist: syd island

DEVOTION DEVOTION is an experimental dance and music performance by Lydia Mokdessi and Jason Bartell. The duo have developed shared practices of sonic and physical droning, navigating a series of structural trap doors that invite dissonance and distortion.


Tickets are $10 cash at door

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