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Envy On Fire

Garlan Jude

at Vital Joint

January 30, 31 and Feb 1 @ 8pm

 Envy On Fire at Vital Joint will be an intimate experience between the viewer and the performer. It's a dance piece. It's a theater piece. It's an exploration the individual and the body in the public eye.

Garlan Jude (director/creator)

Nathan Leigh (sound designer)

Christina Tang (lighting designer)

Logan Martin (choreographer)

Teresa Braun (co-creator/performer)

Yael Shavitt (co-creator/performer)

Anna Young (co-creator/performer)

Virginia Rupert (co-creator/performer)

Coco Conroy (co-creator/performer)

Envy On Fire is an intersection of dance and theater. 6 performers present themselves in unique, grotesque, synchronized, disjointed, joyful, shameful and bashful ways. This piece combines cacophonous movement with an ever growing and receding soundscape, laced with monologue, asides, song and group chat. Envy On Fire is an odyssey of stories exploding the binary and celebrating unique and diverse bodies and voices. Envy On Fire will have a full production at The Brick in April of 2020.

$12 cash at door

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