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Flow My Tears
Braulio Cruz and John-Philip Faienza

on The Exponential Festival YouTube Page


additional live performances at The Brick Theater

July 2022



100% of donations made during the YouTube event and/or earmarked with the show title

will go to the artists.

A funeral  service streamed to the internet, where the audience and the protagonist are both digital ghosts, searching for corporeal feelings of mourning out in the late-night city and encountering the consequences of a momentous event without really being there. This project comes from deep wondering about loss, familial and otherwise, that occurred this past year in which only a cursory, observed, virtual processing served as a simulacrum of mourning. 

Created and Performed by

Braulio Cruz

John-Philip Faienza

Hannah Kallenbach

and Teri Madonna

Written by Braulio Cruz and John-Philip Faienza

Directed by John-Philip Faienza

A series of monologues accompanied by two electronic musicians on keyboards, broken up by songs, in which a person, or ghost, leaves the theater and goes searching for corporeal feelings of mourning out in the late-night city, shifting between the present moment and an alternate version of themselves later in the century, meeting fellow wanderers and machine antagonists. Phillip K. Dick wrote the novel, “Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said”, in which a famous pop singer in a dystopian future wakes up and discovers he has never existed. He took the phrase from a 16th century song about fully-inhabited despair. This piece has us wandering the unexplored, glowing emotional spaces in between our islands of digital existence. We hope to meet the audience somewhere in our wandering.

After the premiere, Flow My Tears will be available for viewing online by emailing exponentialfestival@gmail.com and requesting a link


John-Philip Faienza is a Canadian theatre artist of Argentinian and Italian settler descent living and working in NYC. His performance work has been included in the SummerWorks and Rhubarb festivals for contemporary performance in Toronto. Some personal interests that often make it into his work: family histories, urban planning, jazz, speculative fiction, international cinema, decolonial movements, global politics, modern philosophy, and art history. He lives in Brooklyn with his partner of 10 years, loves to bike, and has become a very good cook during the pandemic.

Braulio Cruz, a New York based performer, writer, and electronic musician who originates from Brazil, creates works that explore issues of language, identity, psychedelics, and spirituality. He has a BFA in Drama from New York University and has worked extensively as an actor with the company Drunkard's Wife, and as an assistant director for Young Jean Lee. As a musician he has released two LPs, Pool (2018) and The Braille of the Soul (2020), with a third project coming in 2022.

Teri Madonna is a performer, composer, sound designer, and creator of original work. Performance credits include: Heather Christian’s Animal Wisdom [Bushwick Starr]; Dave Malloy’s Blue Wizard/Black Wizard [Incubator Arts]; Passage Thru [Clubbed Thumb Winterworks 2021/dir: Estefanía Fadul]; The Nomad [The Flea/dir: Elizabeth Swados]; to the left of the pantry and under the sugar shack [La Mama/harunalee theater co]; tiger, tiger: on the nature of violence [Dixon Place/dir: Jessica Almasy]. BFA: NYU Tisch, Playwrights Horizons Theater School.

Hannah Kallenbach (she/her) is a Brooklyn-based actor and performance artist whose work takes many forms, often at once, ranging from stand-up to durational site-specific installations to short films. She has written and performed 15 original works at venues such as Triskelion Arts, Silent Barn, 80 WSE Gallery, The Tank, The Glove, The Brick, Vital Joint, The Windjammer, The Footlight and Dixon Place. She has participated in festivals such as The Exponential Festival, The Prelude Festival, ?!:New Works, and SalOn!. Recently, Audible Theater released DEEP FAKE, a new audio play written by Sharyn Rothstein and directed by Rachel Chavkin, with Hannah in the central role as Eli.

BFA NYU. www.hannahkallenbach.com