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Saints of an Unnamed Country

January 26th - 29th

7PM - "AH eyes on 'em" by Theatre Genesis*


8PM - Germany, 1933 by Saints of an Unnamed Country


*January 27th @ 7PM features 

   "(You'll Never Get Me) Lucky Charms" by Elena Light



Performances at The Glove


Germany, 1933 takes place inside a VR world where men chat endlessly with computer programs. These testers reveal their deepest desires to a naive chatbot eager to please. But once a bug at a virtual pizza party reveals the political affiliations of the testers, their digital haven succumbs to the noise of the outside world. Written during the Brexit vote and inspired by the campaign season, Germany, 1933 takes on new significance in the wake of the election. It explores how language and technological mediation create a demi-view of political events, limiting our understanding of other's fears for the future.

Starring Lily Chambers 


Nick Walther, Ilse Lansdale, Cameron Stuart, J. Hawke Kelley, and Gina Murdock

Design by Stephanie Beattie

Music by the Sewer Gators

Written and Directed by Cameron Stuart



"AH eyes on 'em" by Theatre Genesis

with Aron Cantor and Danielle Aziza



"(You'll Never Get Me) Lucky Charms" by Elena Light

(You'll Never Get Me) Lucky Charms is a performance excavating the origins of the artist's white consumerist desire and isolationism, beginning with her '90s childhood food obsessions.


Concept and performance: Elena Rose Light

Dramaturgical input: Henry Holmes

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