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Expo Green-Wood pub.jpg

Secrets of Green-Wood

James Ilgenfritz & Sarah Krasnow

at The Brick

January 30 - February 2 @ 8pm*

Written by Sarah Krasnow

Puppets designed by Shannon Iriarte, Virginia Wang, and Emma Wiseman

Music by James Ilgenfritz

Performed by Sarah Krasnow, Stephanie Sleeper, and James Ilgenfritz

Cynthia goes to Green-Wood Cemetery to see an art installation: “Here Lie the Secrets of the Green-Wood Cemetery."  The piece, by French artist Sophie Calle, invites visitors to place a secret in an underground capsule, to be dug up and burned later.  Cynthia arrives with plenty of secrets, but once her time at the cemetery is over, she’ll have more. 

* Secrets of Green-Wood will share a bill with Sexless Cocaine Saturday.

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