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We Live to Die: The Grieving Widows Club EPISODE TWO

Greetings, people:


We return to your attic

with Episode 2 of We Live to Die: The Grieving Widows Club 

also known also known as the episodes where 

a widow's convention with histrionics and weeping contests occurs


the Community Maids Theater premieres its newest piece

under the playwrightship and direction 

and tyranny

of Winnie, 

maid to Madame

(her nemesis).

Gut spilling & revenge themes;

it all goes splendidly of course. 


This is the continuation of a multi-media short films series by Leonie Bell. 


Watch "Episode One" of We Live To Die: The Grieving Widows Club

on the Exponential Festival Youtube Channel


Leonie Bell is a German-American theater-maker and performer from Berlin, based in New York. She creates dark humor, genre-fluid theatrical landscapes populated by multilingual, highly-physical, pseudo-historical narratives with an absurdist hue and the desire to foster a momentary feeling of belonging amongst strangers. Her pieces center matriarchal lineages, imagine nature as a main character, and look for ways to endow the audience with more creative powers (where snacks are always served). In NYC, she has presented work at Target Margin Theater, Performance Space NY, The Brick, Center for Performance Research, and other venues. Leonie also designs sound and facilitates LOCAL GRANDMA, a free-form theater project devoted to rigorous play, communal care-taking, and causing a ruckus. Recent LG projects include Sonntags wird Gelogen Or We Only Lie on Sundays, Einst träumte ich: A Maybe Myth of Runny Nuns (Exponential Festival 2021) and Kaffeeklatsch (Radio Karantina). Leonie is a recent alum of the Clubbed Thumb Directing Fellowship, Mabou Mines RAP, BAX Upstart Program. MFA: Sarah Lawrence College. More info at &

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