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How To Wake Up!

Tessa Barlow-Ochshorn

January 24 @ 7pm

via The Exponential YouTube Page

Scrambled eggs, again and again. We can do it together, while apart.


Equal parts ritual, how-to, and performance assembled and guided by Tessa Barlow-Ochshorn.

Wake Up Experts (A-Z): Nia Ashley, Harriet Barlow, Dinah Berkeley, Gabe Cohn,

Hannah Deegan, Nora Kaye, Jared Kemp, Katie Mack, David Ochshorn, Evey Reidy,

Taylor Steele, and Clifford Thompson.

Sound: Huntsville Records

Camera/Lighting: Elijah McNally

Music: Ian McNally

Poems: "Why I Wake Early" and "Every Morning" by the late and wonderful Mary Oliver

Scrambled eggs, cooked low and slow amid the news of the morning, again and again. How can we nourish ourselves and each other in these heavy hazy times? How can we connect the fragments? With instructions from dear ones near and far and words from the late Mary Oliver, Tessa Barlow-Ochshorn will learn and re-learn how to start the day 'in happiness, in kindness.'

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