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In The Univeses Where I Died 2022.jpg

Geraldo Mercado

at Life World

August 27 @ 8pm

Sweat/blood/pain/movement/endurance/fear/laughter/longing/death/empathy/horror/Karen Carpenter.


IN THE UNIVERSES WHERE I DIED is a one hour performance art blowout

by artist Geraldo Mercado.

The first in a series of hour-long, high-impact performance art pieces, IN THE UNIVERSES WHERE I DIED was first presented by artist and filmmaker Geraldo Mercado in 2015. An exploration of death and what it means to live on borrowed time, this massive work was the culmination of 3 months of endurance training, research, writing, and bodily transformation. Seven years and one more near death experience later, Geraldo is presenting a new version of IN THE UNIVERSES WHERE I DIED that has been remixed and reimagined for a world that constantly feels like it's on the eve of destruction.

Photo Credits: (L to R) A. Mercado, Gregory Paul.

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