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ixchel - exponential festival - Cristina Pitter (1).jpg

ixchel (we are still here, remember this medicine ) - a performance installation and ceremony
Cristina Pitter


January 10-13 @ 2pm + 7pm

this work investigates the process of being in relationship and balance with the natural world. 


this work gestures to the tangled paths of re-indigenizing and deracializing myself.

Cristina Pitter - everything

this work is my medicine 

- medicine shared to me by ancestors known and unknown, seen and unseen

- medicine gifted and expanded on native lands that are not mine

- medicine igniting the way home


I am still here. remember my medicine.

Cristina Pitter (they/she) is a queer multi-spirit afro-indigenous artist, abolitionist, and alchemist who wants to burn it all down and plant new seeds in the fertile soil. They also have the best laugh ever. SERIOUSLY. Follow their antics at

Special thanks: my ancestors and M. Carmen Lane (ATNSC) for their guidance

cw: smudge smoke & nudity

Find them: @lavidabrujeria

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