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Madge Love

Fringe and Fur

January 15 @ 8pm

via The Exponential YouTube Page

Madge Love is an interactive theater-film hybrid written in a series of lyrical monologues and voice over that tells the story of two teenagers.

Written & Directed by Genée Coreno.

Cinematography, Animation, & Editing by Dena Kopolovich. 

Assistant Directed by Kelsey Lurie

Sound by Coco Walsh

V.O. Directed by Arden Winant

Stage Managers: Cara Cinicone & Samm Lynch

Performed by Lilja Owsley and Arden Winant

Lighting Design by Marika Kent

Set Design by Emily Grecco & Marika Kent

Photo credit Dena Kopolovich 

Sissy and Madge live in a small town by the river. Madge likes to speak french and keep secrets. Sissy loves Madge and will do anything to protect Madge. Together, they find ways to live and to love through an alchemy of fantasy and near death experiences.

a note from Fringe and Fur

"Welcome to Madge Love, Fringe and Fur's, first interactive theater-film hybrid!


Since many people are new to EKO and the nature of this project we have included some directions below. 


We hope you enjoy!



1) Arrive at Exponential Festivals Youtube Page.

2) Watch the Opening Scene of Madge Love. 

3) After you watched the Opening Scene, click this link to continue:

4) Once you’ve clicked the link, you can continue the rest of the show. 

5) Lastly and most importantly, at various times in the performance a rectangular or circular shape will appear on the screen. We encourage the audience to click on these icons to view supplemental video footage that is important to the experience and story."

Madge Love was developed through Theater Mitu's Artists-at-Home Residency. 

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