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January 28th at 4pm

January 29th at 6pm


Performances at Chez Bushwick


Choreographer: LMnO3

Performers: Deborah Lohse, Cori Marquis, Donnell Oakley

LMnO3 embarks on an evening of shape-shifting through ideas of what it means to be female today when old ideals still hold strong images in our collective conscious. These women who are child-free by choice tackle expectations, identity and the multiple roles that are predestined for us. Through imagined games influenced by the competitive nature of the Olympics and the physical labor required in the role of motherhood, mundane everyday tasks are exaggerated and glorified as extreme sports and activities of high risk. Throughout these games, interactions, and interruptions, LMnO3 encourages the audience to engage with the multitude of ways in which we identify as women by challenging notions of femininity and celebrating alternative ways of channeling the instinct to nurture. The work digs into the personas we don, the functions they serve, and how we embrace our messy, imperfect, awkward, and uncomfortable selves. 

Deborah Lohse, Cori Marquis and Donnell Oakley met in 2010 when working with Doug Elkins in Fräulein Maria. They continued laughing and following their choreographic distractions in the corners of the rehearsal studio until they fell into a choreographic relationship. Lohse, Marquis and Oakley began to gain momentum, accumulating movement material and character ideas until their first piece, Ink Stink unfolded. In 2014 Robin Staff of Dance Now NYC invited LMnO3 to bring their debut to the stage of Joe's Pub. Ink Stink won an evening in DanceNow’s festival challenge, triumphantly returned for the Encore Show and came back for Dance Now's 20th Anniversary Season in 2015.  

Over the past 2 years, LMnO3 has gone on to grace the stages of Triskelion Arts, Judson Church, New Haven's Elm City Dance Collective, The Yard as part of their fully produced Follies: Women Dance the Comic season and Joe’s Pub this February for their first full evening entitled B.A.N.G.S.:  made in america. Upcoming, LMnO3 will take B.A.N.G.S. on the road, including to ADF 2016 Spring Season, MusikFest [Bethlehem, PA] Summer 2016, Built on Stilts [Martha’s Vineyard, MA] Summer 2016, a technical residency at American Dance Institute [Rockville, MD] Summer 2016, and The Ringling International Arts Festival [Sarasota, FL] Fall 2016.

photo by Whitney Brown

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