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Mx. Piggy Makes an OnlyFans

at We Are Here

February 2, 3, 4 @ 8:30pm

The artist formerly known as Ms. Piggy is back in the spotlight (Bushwick) after 5 years of radio silence, and like always, they have a lot to say. Chiefly about their ex, a new lover, and their mediocre attempt at an OnlyFans.

Written and Performed by Tank

Directed by Cricket Brown

Original Music by Ray Johnson

featuring Anastasia Beliakova and Post Game Press

Mx. Piggy Makes an OnlyFans is part solo show, part drag show, and part stadium world tour. Piggy is Back and Better than ever!


Tank is a director and creator of new works of drag-theatre in Brooklyn and co-direcst a collective of performance artists in Brooklyn called "I Don't Wanna See That?!!?!" Recent shows include: Wanderer (or the literal extraterrestrial i met on grindr), The Mannequin Play (The Tank, The Brick), The Hooters Play (Satellite Art Club), and The Real Househoes of Bushwick Present: A Fourth of July in Versailles (Satellite Art Club). Their biggest inspirations are Bjork, Tony Kushner, and the Ms. Piggy!

Image credit: Lisa Marie Montgomery

Content Warning: Strobes, Fog

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