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Dmitri Barcomi

at Loading Dock

January 16 - 18 @ 7:30pm

Gay violinist Paul Korner is being blackmailed. Taking an unusual path, he seeks to escape tragedy in this movement based adaptation of the first gay rights movie ever made, a 1919 silent film from Weimar Berlin.

Dmitri Barcomi (Creator, Director) 

Aimée Niemann (Violin) 

Seth Majnoon (Choreographer) 

Dylan Gurerra (Dramaturg) 

Jacqueline Reed (Intertitle Design)



Anna Dresdale, Aleksandr Krapivkin*, Jess Orense, Josiah Vasquez

This is an Equity Approved Showcase. 

*Member of Actors Equity Association 

“Others” is a movement-based interdisciplinary interpretation of Weimar era German silent film “Different from the Others.” Released in 1919, it was the first gay rights movie ever made and tells the story of a talented gay violinist who is blackmailed by an extortionist, featuring vignettes of gay life in Weimar Berlin. “Others” adapts this film to the medium of live performance, with an interdisciplinary twist. Integrating interactive intertitles (title cards present in silent films) and a musical score including live violin music accompanies the movement based silent story.

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