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Panic Encyclopedia
Kedian Keohan

at The Brick

Jan 19th 7pm
Jan 20th 7pm and 9pm
Fri Jan 21st 7pm and 9pm
Sat Jan 22nd 4pm and 7pm

Six performers exist together--in a basement, a bunker, away from the danger of the world yet remain tied to it in some way. The structures that oppress us want us to feel panic – want us to feel helpless – isolated—alone.


Directed by Kedian Keohan


Created and Performed by

Abby Adler

Amanda Houser

Antonio Irizarry

Kedian Keohan

Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs

Kirsten Harvey

Ian Edlund


In collaboration with

Megan Lang (Lighting Designer)

Keenan Hurley (Sound Design)

Barbara Samuels (Producer)

Rooted in theatrical intensity, collective humanity, and a love of play; we have constructed our own Panic Encyclopedia in hopes of illuminating and detaching ourselves from the way in which fear and anxiety are inflicted upon us as much as initiated within ourselves.