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perverse reverie forever

Deepali Gupta

January 17 @ 5pm

via The Exponential YouTube Page

perverse reverie forever is a filmed album project concerning the limbic and the liminal. deepali gupta performs musical explorations from her show I Love You Stranger (diagnosing the mirror)  in conversation with water, window, and reflectiion / in collaboration across various vast distances. what is it about though? the bodymind is always undoing. featuring new tracks ("annihilate me") and old tricks! ("until i spit them out"). is this bipolar performance? is this autistic music? imagine the past, remember the future. 


performance note: confronting the fact that making work about my individual self right now feels a little futile in response to the obvious violence that surrounds all of us. trusting in my belief that sharing music will do more good than harm, that the song I give can open spaces of healing in bodyminds beyond my own if I simply place it in the world where it can be heard apart from any ego or agenda I may be tempted to embrace. music changes things wherever it goes. spending time with these songs has revealed the face of the stranger in the mirror. I can hear the choir in the shower singing through the water which hits my spine and tells me I know what I am but will never have the word for it. over the past year I have remet and come to know more deeply a Silence which fills me while I disappear, and the Scream that empties me when I overflow. all I have been wanting is to Sing, to find a Voice where the Silence and the Scream can both be heard. every time my neck cracks my world view fractures. the lyric spells a path.

perverse reverie forever has undergone many iterations and transformations in collaboration with several artists. Please email for credits. 

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