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Kate Benson

Lee Sunday Evans

January 11-February 4

Wed-Sat at 8pm


Performances at The Bushwick Starr


(Facebook event here)

[PORTO] is a world premiere by Kate Benson and directed by Lee Sunday Evans, their follow-up to the Obie Award-winning A Beautiful Day in November on the Banks of the Greatest of the Great Lakes.


A neighborhood bar in a gentrifying outpost of a major American City. I know this will end badly, but for now, it tastes really good.

Starring Noel Joseph Allain*, Kate Benson*, Ugo Chukwu*, Jorge Cordova*, Leah Karpel*, Esaú Mora, Julia Sirna-Frest* and Addison Williams


Lighting: Amith Chandrashaker

Costumes: Ásta Bennie Hostetter

Sound: Kate Marvin

Sets: Kristen Robinson

Stage Manager: Ed Herman*

Production Manager: Ann Marie Dorr

Technical Director: Jennifer Medina-Gray

Assistant Director: Nick O'Leary

Production Assistant: Andrew Gorelick

*Appearing courtesy of Actor's Equity Association


Produced by Kate Benson, Lee Sunday Evans, John Del Gaudio, and Rachel Karpf Reidy

For more information, visit [PORTO] on the Bushwick Starr website

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