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Presentation on colonialism
Joey Weiss

at Brick Aux

January 26, 27 and 29 @ 8pm*

January 28 @ 4pm*

Presentation on colonialism is a project to locate the concept of colonialism in deep time. Zoology, genetics and pictures will be utilized - covering a period of approximately 1.3 million years.

Written by Joey Weiss and developed by Joey Weiss and Yuki Kawahisa

This presentation locates colonialism in times and places outside of colonialism’s history, from our current moment, to before humans were on earth.


Joey Weiss is an artist with a background in painting and sculpture, with recent work at New Ohio Theater, The Wild Project, Ortega Y Gasset Projects, and The Brick. He is a partner in Songs to Live By with composer Marco Panella, and has collaborated in the past with Jordan Baum, Kate Benson, April Matthis and Ben Williams.

*Presentation on colonialism will be presented on a split bill with Addie Ulrey.

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