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River Donaghey

on The Exponential Festival YouTube

January 11 @ 8pm ET

RecursiveCast is a dark, surrealist satire of the amateur TV recap podcast genre. It's Kafka on a Casper mattress.

Written and Directed by River Donaghey

Starring Spencer Fox and Theresa Buchheister

Every week, RecursiveCast hosts Tammy and Tad attempt to recap and analyze their favorite sci-fi TV show, Recursive. Unfortunately, the job becomes nearly impossible as the duo slips into a bizarre reality that bends space, time, and the line between their podcast and the show itself. It's almost like Tammy and Tad are trapped in a new version of hell—a 21st century Sisyphus forced to recap an overly-convoluted TV show. Actually, now that you mention it, their mysterious producer does seem more and more like the devil...


RecursiveCast is a surreal, unnerving, and hilarious story told within the TV recap format. Be sure to enter our code "PLEASEFORTHELOVEOFGODHELP" at checkout for additional savings!

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