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Tent (Skin)

Benjamin and Mason Rosenthal + Alex Romania

at The Woods

January 16-18 @ 8pm

January 18 and 19 @ 4pm

First the Rosenthal brothers brought you Mirror. Then they brought you Table. 


Now, they team up with Meatsludge to bring you...


Tent (Skin) - an interdisciplinary pseudo psychodrama in and outside a 120 square foot tent. 



"The Stuff " of psychedelic-American-death-culture chews through a living room in Skokie, Illinois. Meanwhile... three white men in a tent with no snacks and lots of skin eat at those big value emotions in Deep Mind Karaoke© - competing for IT in a marathon of hazing sports, a big (self identified) fat loser spews existential universe-maps of charismatic depression-psychosis. In the tent inside the tent, help yourself, beeswax(!) and watch Benjamin Rosenthal never die.


Conceived by brothers Benjamin and Mason Rosenthal and co-created with dance and multimedia artist Alex Romania as part of their ongoing “Self-Portrait” collaboration (since 2014).

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