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The Psychic Readings Co.

January 13 + 14 @ 9pm

Show is $10 or $7 if you come visibly injured

Performances at Vital Joint

Psychic Readings Co brings you an in-depth look at what makes failures fail and how YOU can achieve success through their ineptitude and misery!
This demonstration, conceived by Ric Royer and Peter Mills Weiss, will include several very short songs and mini-dances. There will be so much to laugh at as well, as we watch two of the most incompetent subjects known to man attempt to execute moderately challenging tasks! ...A man's life hangs in the balance. Please come. The demonstration also includes a REAL BEAST!

Have you ever dreamed of being the person who have always dreamed of, but have never dreamed that you could actually be that person? Then SHUT UP. Because this is the show for you! But beware, this is the bloodiest show ever produced. Please, if you have a bad heart, exit as soon as you get in. DO NOT STAY.

COME SEE OUR SPECTACULAR ACT! You will never believe our stunning finale! Just you wait! STAY UNTIL THE END!
Oh boy, real live Failures, for your own pleasure!

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