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The Gambler
Rawya El Chab and Kelly Lamanna

at Loading Dock

January 7 and 8 7:30pm

Doris and Gertie bust out of the nursing home for a last call at living. They will not rest until they have their fill. Maybe dying need not be so serious after all.

Written and performed by Rawya El Chab and Kelly Lamanna

Sound design by Omar Dewachi 

Costume/ prop design by Katie Friedman

The Gambler is a two-handed clown show for adults. A tale of debauchery, inspired by a few chapters from Dostoevsky’s novel of the same name, our story follows two women, Doris and Gertie, who at the end of their lives spiral into a world of gambling and sin. Rawya El Chab and Kelly Lamanna dance the line between absurdity and sincerity, posing questions about agency, addiction, and society’s relationship with the elderly. In a moment when the weight of mortality feels particularly heavy, these two artists attempt to make sense of being alive.