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The Puzzlers + The Puzzlers 2: Black Box

Accent Wall Productions

January 16 @ 930pm

via The Exponential YouTube Page

on a split bill with Nathan Repasz's The Unquestioned Interiority of Humankind

Accent Wall Productions—a survival-based art collective formed between four friends and a dog in March 2020—has been challenging itself during this pandemic-stricken year to make a visual poem that grapples with Samuel Beckett's 1958 Texts for Nothing. The Puzzlers + The Puzzlers

2: Black Box are two short-films that adapt approximately two-and-a-half pages of Beckett's first text. There are twelve more remaining texts to stage. 


These films were made by theater people.


Accent Wall Productions is André Callot, Emily Davis, Lucy Kaminsky, Bluet and Jess Barbagallo. In collaboration with Becca Blackwell, Tina Satter, Nick Zeig-Owens, Horsey and Joey Truman


With thanks to Enver Chakartash and Theresa Buchheister

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