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The Trinity: Three Pieces by Anike Sonuga

God and All Her Children at The Brick

January 15 @ 8pm

Candy Coat and Even the Devil Treats You Better!

via The Exponential Festival YouTube Channel

January 16 @ 8pm and 8:15pm

God and All Her Children

The summer before their senior year of high school, two boys come to God's porch to process life and the impending future.

God played by Floria Foote, Gigi played by Gabriel Generally, D played by Jonathan Lorenzo Price, writer director & producer Anike Sonuga, associate producer Kyla Jeanne

It's August. The summer before senior year. It's too hot to do anything and too close to the beginning of school to go anywhere else, so D and Gigi spend their days hanging out with God, a woman who has lived in their neighborhood so long that no one knew what else to call her. D and Gigi have been friends for years, but when Gigi receives an offer to play football at a school across the country, disagreement arises. D and Gigi come to God's porch to process life and discuss their experiences with religion, family, and community.

TW: mentions of suicide

Candy Coat

When Baby is picked out by Savior in a crowd, she is introduced to a world of party culture she has never seen before.

starring bela bleu cwik as Savior

& Jaylen Taylor as Baby

written, directed & edited by Anike Sonuga

produced by NYU Tisch Open Arts

assistant cinematographer Pablo Villalon

grip Ningyao "Melvin" Yen


Candy Coat explores toxic relationships, drug abuse, and party culture. It follows the story of a woman, Baby, who is 'discovered' by Savior, who is regarded as party royalty. Savior manipulates Baby into falling in love with her, dragging her on the same downward path that she is on. Baby falls into the same patterns as Savior, only for her to leave Baby for someone new, and for a new cycle to begin.


TW: drug use

Even the Devil Treats You Better!

After a young witch's fiancé leaves her, she decides to summon the devil in an effort to win him back.

starring bela bleu cwik as The Witch

Juvenal Morales as The Lover/The Devil

written, directed & edited by Anike Sonuga

produced by NYU Tisch Open Arts

crew Pablo Villalon & Ningyao "Melvin" Yen


After a break up, the devil takes pity on a young witch, looking for any way to win back her lover; he leaves her with a spell book. The witch then sets up her altar and gets to spellcasting, summoning the devil himself. Instead of getting back her fiancé, she falls for the devil after a dance together.


Anike Sonuga is an artist born in the Bay Area, raised in Georgia and Baltimore, and now based in Brooklyn.

Art Credits

1. God and All Her Children- art by Katelyn Flaks, made in collaboration with Daniel Debesai

2. Candy Coat- image created by Anike Sonuga, featuring Jaylen Taylor

3. Even the Devil Treats You Better!- image created by Anike Sonuga

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