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Tin Iso and the Dawn
Tristan Allen

at The Brick

January 10 - 14 @ 8pm

January 14 @ 2pm

Tin Iso and the Dawn is shadow puppet symphony performed alongside an original, full length album. The project shares the origins of an imaginary world created to give age-old magic life through puppetry and music.

Tristan Allen : Creator, Composer, Puppeteer

Jim Freeman : Technical Director


Opening Acts


1/10 Preston Wollner

Spooky puppetry of a ghost-filled childhood home 

1/11 Cole Haden

Sound collage and ambient dreamscapes equal parts euphoric and horrific

1/12 Tiresias

Ritual meditation and song cycle on why we voyage

1/13 Skeleton Zoo

Serene ambient music for live electronics and cello

1/14 (both shows) Time Wharp

Swirling compositions for guitar, keys, and live electronics

All opening acts will be performing solo for roughly 20min before Tin Iso and the Dawn.

Tin Iso and the Dawn is operated by a solo puppeteer, composed and performed to explore the hidden turnings of a world at its genesis. Lights dim to black as a delicate melody slips into abstraction. Iso awakens to a bang as Tin crashes through the sky forming a hole above, light pours through and they meet. Their journey through shadow brings forth a rising sun and the beginning of life. Innovative puppetry, moving light, and symphonic structure collide in examining the universal longing to make sense of loss and what’s beyond.

Tin Iso and the Dawn is made possible with the support of Object Movement Puppetry and the Jim Henson Foundation.


As a composer and performer of instrumental music, Tristan Allen's work employs the narrative power of sound and puppetry to create rich works of fantasy through multimedia. With a background in solo piano, electronic music, and marionette theater, Tristan uses all tools at their command in presenting Tin Iso and the Dawn, the first chapter in a grand overarching story of the beyond.

Art and Design by Tristan Allen

Content Warning: minor strobe effect

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