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Helena Parriott

at Para\\el

January 4 @ 7pm

as part of Exponential Variety #2

Helena Parriott is presenting a visual arts work combining drawing, body mechanics, and machinery. The time based work utilises using a mechanized easel, for the artist to create symmetrical continuous linework, and corporal harmony. The easel which pulls paper from one side to another, as does a reel-to-reel cassette, is the instrument of the performance on which the artist performs. The performance, with musical accompaniment lasts 20 - 30 minutes. 


For the purpose of ecological responsibility, the work is performed with a carbon-negative ink, called Air-ink. It is produced by capturing and neutralizing air pollution. Each performance utilizes appx. 200 minutes of diesel car pollution.


The visual art project is analogous to music, and movement practices. The scrolls produced in this work indicate time and spacial harmony. Focusing on the moment of drawing, the artist composes to find a speaking language with varying abstract patterns using improvisation. Dual hemispheric brain communication is a result of using the process, it is a meditational act as much as it is visual. The message of this work is individual peace and harmony.

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