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all I want is what you want
Jo and Lena

at The Brick Theater

March 17-19

This work is a practice in embodiment and disembodiment; grounding and ungrounding a sense of “self” in the space. This work is a practice in getting what you want and leaving when it feels bad. It’s about the porousness of the human capsule and laying to rest the sexually shameful self. It’s about living in a trans, celibate, healing body. It’s about “look but don’t touch.” It's about dirty talking your way through life and becoming whoever you want me to be in front of you. It’s about blurring, evaporating, becoming vaporous. It's about two solos that are a duet. It’s about boundaries. It’s about becoming whoever you want us to be. 

Created and Performed by Jo and Lena

Jo Warren is a performer, Breathworker and personal trainer working at the intersection of dance, writing, video, image-making and healing practice. They currently perform as a backup-dancing-angel for the iconic Jennifer Vanilla. They and their work are in a transitional phase. 

Lena Engelstein is a performer in a process of making solos that are duets. She currently performs with Lisa Fagan and Britney Falcon and has worked with Brendan Drake, Third Rail Company's immersive theater show Then She Fell, and Chafin Seymour. She holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Colorado College.  

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