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Taylor Clayton-Brooks

If you are a NYC-based artist working in performance, then please invite us to any upcoming showings you may have. We can be reached at exponentialfestival[at]gmail[dot]com. 


We curate through a mix of invitations and applications, and prioritize flexibilility and sustainability in our programming practice. In some years, this means we open an application in the spring and invite a curation team to vote on applications. In other years, this means we invite artists whose work we're familiar with and keep the curation panel smaller. 

In a traditional year, Exponential provides our artists with the following:

  • A small stipend

    • In EF24 this is a base rate of $500 + $50 per public performance.

  • A box-office split agreement at all venues.

    • In EF23 we gave 100% box-office income to artists at Target Margin Theater.

  • Free rehearsal hours

    • In EF24 we will offer 15 free hours at Brick Aux per production.

  • A venue manager to help liaise between the show and the venue, to coordinate a site visit, and run communication between the artist and the venue as the production evolves.

  • Publicity of the show at major New York news outlets leading up to the festival.

  • Free videography.

  • Free photography.

  • MFTA access, scheduled by appointment.

  • Access to contingency funds.

  • Free technicians at select venues.

  • Volunteer accident and general liability insurance on union productions.

  • A grant-writing workshop.

  • An unlimited amount of phone calls, texts, and emails consulting on producing questions.

Please be aware that the artist is responsible for filing any union paperwork (if necessary), scheduling, rehearsing, and financing the show. We hope that by offering the resources above, it will create a more ideal producing opportunity than otherwise.

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