And Then I Wake Up

Wi-Moto Nyoka

January 30 @ 830pm

via The Exponential YouTube Page

on a split bill with underlords’ BLOODSHOT: The Call

"And Then I Wake Up" is a radio-dramatic short horror story and visual experience. 

Written by Wi-Moto Nyoka

Performed by Elinor Vanderburg

Sound design by Nirana Singh

Visuals by Tommy Mavra and Oscar De Leon

And Then I Wake Up is a horror audio work accompanied by a visual meditation that explores the role of dreaming and nightmares in our lives. Through storytelling, sound, and dreamscape paintings, the project provides a contemplative space to slow down, drift, and imagine.


Loretta Ives is not a hero and would rather be sleeping. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to get a restful night due to her sleepwalking condition. Oh, and the monsters.


Trigger Warning: In this episode, instances of sexual violence are discussed. It’s important to take care of yourself while listening. Some suggestions include listening while you’re in a healthy headspace or knowing who you can reach out to if you become upset. By contacting the National Hotline at 1-800-656-4673, you can get support and learn about your local resources. There is always someone ready to help.

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