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The Ben Shapiro Project
Ella Davidson

at The Brick

January 16 - 21 @ 8pm*

Ella wants to save America and herself, so Ella becomes Ben Shapiro. Then Ella confronts Ben Shapiro. America can't be saved, but can Ella be saved?

Ella Lee Davidson: writer/director/performer 

Paul Levine: Co-Director 

Anuka Sethi: Producer

Chris De Santis: Playing the Role of Ben Shapiro 

Tiana Richards: Dramaturg and Social Media Manager 

Tori Oatway: Stage Manager 

Ava Elizabeth Novak: Lighting Designer

Camelia de los Ángeles Muñiz: Sound Desginer 

Jason A. Goodwin: Costume Designer

Ella Davidson, a young black socialist, embodies Ben Shapiro, right wing political pundit in a performance piece in which she envisions a world without him. When that isn't enough for her to feel like she's made a difference in some way, she concocts a plan to meet Ben in person and confront him. She meets and debates Ben, hoping to change him for the better through the power of human connection but he remains unmoved. Can Ella help save America and can she even help save herself?

*The Ben Shapiro Project will be presented on a split bill with Sarah K. Finn.

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