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Catalyze Photo AO.jpg


Angelica Olstad

at Honey's

January 4 and 5

Doors @ 8pm

Performance @ 8:30pm

Join Angelica Olstad, a classically trained pianist, interdisciplinary artist, and founder of Pop Up Yoga NYC for an evening of introspection, live music, and meditation.


Part installation piece, live performance, and featuring a meditation session, Catalyze is a fully immersive work. Designed to “find calm in the midst of chaos”, the show highlights themes of mental health, wellness, philosophy, and neuroscience through holistic presentation of recorded excerpts, a soundscape of New York city sounds, live performance and a guided meditation from Olstad herself. Her artistic work focuses on creating imaginative, story-driven pieces that are deconstructed from classical repertoire and reworked into new and fully immersive experiences.

Created and Performed by Angelica Olstad

As the founder of Pop Up Yoga NYC, Olstad has been working on creating accessible yoga classes to the public since 2011. As a practitioner of yoga and meditation, she is dedicated to helping more New Yorkers find affordable opportunities to improve their happiness, health, and live more enriching lives.

Tickets are $10 cash only at the door.

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