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at Target Margin's The Doxsee Theater

January 23 - 25 at 8pm

January 25 - 26 at 3pm

January 29 - February 1 at 8pm

February 1 at 3pm


The City's insomnia epidemic rages on, and Dormer, the genius behind GoodNight Pharma, just turned up hacked to bloody bits. Probably by some poor bastard who turned bloodshot after too little sleep: that's what happens when you slack on your meds. 

Naturally, I'm on the case, but with pill prices bloating to triple digits, I'm starting to feel a little tired myself.

So long as I can get some good old-fashioned shut-eye before the bloodshot gets me too, we'll all be fine.

There I go.

by underlords

Written by Elinor T Vanderburg

Directed by Sanaz Ghajar

Music by The Mombs (Matt Gliva, Robert Jensen, Cheikh Proctor, and Drew Vanderburg)

Choreographed by Benjamin Stanley Hobbs

BLOODSHOT is a vicious psychocaper that pits the deprived against the depraved in a peace-starved, pulp-inspired mystery. Unreliably narrated and accompanied by sonic interplay by The Mombs, BLOODSHOT confronts audiences with an unraveling network of morality, inviting them to venture through the animalism of limbic desire to the hotbed of a very human meltdown - and beyond.

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