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Free Free Free Free

Haleh Stilwell

at The Parlour


Jan 18 @ 9pm

Jan 19 @ 7pm

Jan 20 @ 2pm and 9pm

FREE FREE FREE FREE, theoretically written by Haleh Roshan Stilwell (with involuntary input from actual history), is a play set in the Bay Area in the 1960s written by a New Yorker in 2017, about anarchist guerrilla theater makers who had no concrete political ideology, and Black Panthers and Maoist Third Worldists who had a concrete vision for overthrowing global capitalist imperialist structures.

As part of the Exponential Festival, come out and hear a play that's in a constant struggle session with itself--but like, in a nice way! The playwright will be in attendance and may be rewriting the play as it's performed.


More info TBD. Or maybe not. Maybe real revolutionary theory is only the acceptance of our total human ignorance of the systems that operate around and on us in every single one of our actions? (thinking emoji, shrugging emoji)

Haleh Roshan Stilwell an Iranian American playwright and fiction writer. She's always trying to be a good communist and also make good art. Somehow, her plays have been developed by and read at Tom Kirdahy Productions and Play Date at Pete's, among others. Her fiction has appeared in literary journals such as Lumen and been read aloud (kind of like a play!) at Mellow Pages, KGB Bar, Pacific Standard, and others. MA: NYU Gallatin.

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