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“‘Stiff Drink!?’ with Dr. Eustice Sissy (Psy.D.), presents: ‘Corona Cam Show’”
Lee Rayment + Nic Adams

Through gay nonsense, original songs, and a collision of stillness and madness, Corona Cam Show is one less night you’ll have to spend alone.

Created by Lee Rayment

Written by Nic Adams

Directed by Rayment and Adams

With original music by Adams

Starring Lee Rayment and Fernando Gonzalez



Becca Blackwell

Leonie Bell

Nic Adams

Cristina Pitter 

and surprise guests!

Driven to near madness by quarantine and the moratorium on live shows, dating-advice cabaret iconoclast Dr. Eustice Sissy (played by Rayment) enrolls the help of his personal assistant/nephew/interim producer Toby (played by Fernando Gonzalez) to bring his extravaganza to a new audience—YouTube! While Sissy bemoans the loss of his second true calling (still a practicing Psy.D.), Toby flourishes: finding love, equanimity, and sass.

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