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Dirt - Sour Milk - Loading Dock.png

Sour Milk

at Loading Dock

January 17-19 @ 7pm

The East River is now land. The water is gone; we can work with that. DIRT is a hybrid game and performance, where participants transform a newly exposed slice of NYC.

Created by Sour Milk

Sour Milk is Christina Tang, Anna Jastrzembski, and Carsen Joenk

Produced by Connor Scully

Cast & Creative Team TBA

This will be a simultaneous live and virtual production. For folks viewing live, it is best if you have a device (e.g. phone) that can connect to the internet to fully participate. For those tuning in virtually, you will need a device (e.g. laptop) that can stream the show, plus a separate device (e.g. phone) in order to fully participate.

Find them: @rhodamined @annie_jaster @carsenjoe

Sour Milk is Christina Tang, Anna Jastrzembski, and Carsen Joenk. CT, AJ, and CJ have been collaborating on hybrid live and digital works since the great pause of 2020. Their collaboration is based on experiments in mediated liveness, digital nostalgia, new pathways for human-human connection, and a grand punkin’ good time. TRAFFIC, a live-digital hybrid theatrical game, premiered in Exponential Festival 2022. Their hypertext fiction game Feast was presented at The Tank in March 2022.


Christina Tang is a lighting designer and amateur technologist based in NYC. She is a frequent collaborator on new works for theater and dance. She designs in conversation with physical environments and performance intentions, and is drawn to abstraction as expression of emotion and embodiment. As a creator, she is interested in technology’s ability to express – or elide – systems of labor and connection. Recipient of Opera America’s Robert L.B. Tobin Director-Designer Prize, 2021. Candidate: NYU ITP 2025.


Anna Jastrzembski is a New York City and Santa Fe-based playwright, television writer, and lyricist. She graduated with an MFA in Playwriting from Columbia University in 2019. Anna’s work often combines a relentless interrogation of the status quo, exploration of sexuality and identity, and an embrace of the fantastic.


Carsen Joenk is a multidisciplinary artist who embraces the weird, wild, and unfamiliar. Much of her work lives at the intersection of sound and story, using stylized theatricality as a means of entertainment, conversation, and dissidence. Carsen is the co-artistic director of Rat Queen Theatre Company, a 2023 Clubbed Thumb Directing Fellow, member of the 2020-2022 Roundabout Directors Group, and a resident artist with New Light Theater Project. As a sound designer, her work has been heard across theatre, film, podcasts, and new media.

Photo by Christina Tang

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