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What Holds Heat

at Vital Joint

Fridays in January (4, 11, 18, and 25) from 12pm - 6pm

Six consecutive hour-long performances, starting at the top of each hour.

Who was the last lover you danced with? Was it playful or serious? When you were dancing, was there music? Music like this? Think about how you held them. Was their hand warm? Warm like this? Did their hair feel like mine? Do you still think about them? WIll they be in your life in five years? Who do you want in your life in five years?


Created and directed by Cori Marquis and Nic Adams

Production designed by Aaron Amodt

Music arranged and composed by Jack Adams


Jack Blackmon

Sandie Cheng
Chris Ignacio*
Vanessa Koppel

J Moliere

Taylor Myers
Cristina Pitter*

Nicole Pursell

Niko Tsocanos

Duet-ed is a site-specific, interactive performance on intimacy, fidelity, and desire, comprised of a sequence of one-on-one experiences between a single attendee and a performer.

* These actors are appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association. Duet-ed is an Equity-approved showcase.

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